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The Dead Sea is renowned throughout the world for its therapeutic and healing properties. Experience the Dead Sea Salts with a relaxing Heavenly Hydration salt bath. Containing 21 beneficial minerals including bromides, magnesium & potassium, they soothe the body and promote relaxation. The unique blend with natural exfoliant properties will improve skin texture and help to ease dry skin conditions.

Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Dead Sea Bath Salts 1kg

    • Heals & hydrates to leave skin feeling smooth
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • anti-bacterial and anti-septic
    • Alleviates dry skin conditions
    • Relieves muscular fatigue
    • aches
    • pains
    • Reduces fluid retention
    • Improves psoriasis
    • eczema and acne
    • Relieves Arthritis &Rheumatism
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